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co jest źle?

Ona jest moim najlepszym przyjacielem,
Przynajmniej ja jestem jednym z ich najlepszych freundinninen, ale najwięcej z nim zrobić.
początku naprawdę nikt nie wiedział,
ale potem nagle, gdyż jestem jej najlepsza przyjaciółka, wszyscy chcą, co musisz zrobić
zapominają spotykamy, a następnie spotyka się z innymi super.
Głównie będę zazdrosny bo jestem zły, że zapomina mnie, i wolą pracy z innymi, co czyni, a następnie mówi przepraszam i to robi swoje bolesne, ale zmiana nie będzie. Poczucie, że weźmie ze mną spotkać kogoś innego jest gówno, tak będę trochę zazdrosny i czuję upokarzać, straszne, że nie ma dla mnie bardziej pożądania.
13.4.09 23:31


Es ist endlich vorbei.

Es ist endlich vorbei.

Der Keks ist aufgegessen.

Ich hoffe all Krümel sind weg

und trauern nicht in einer  ecke.♥

9.2.09 17:17

I want a life!

I want a life,
Just as in Pictuerebook.
Just as in a wonderful fairytale.
Everyone is happy.
There are no obstacles.
A life with a happy ending.

I want a life,
like in a fairy tale princess,
where everyone finds his dream prince.
where everybody is happy.
And nobody has problems.
A life with a happy ending.

I want a life,
as in a beautiful dream.
Where are all the good turns,
I want to desire.
And not stifled by the reality.
I want a life with a happy ending.

I want a life,
where there is no lie,
where you can not muck around,
where everything is real,
where you may desire,
A life with a happy ending.

[made by me]

27.1.09 19:46

I will not lose.

there is one person in my life,
I like very much.
With the wonderful times I had
I will never forget.
It makes me sometimes difficult life,
it departs from its claws
and is more acidic.

She is very important for me.
I will not lose.
But it's hard to stay cool
and not wanting to run away.
Cool to remain as to remain
to wait until it is over.

But the person is so important for me.
After the dispute is my shit.
I'm hurt.i understand nothing.
I can not and i will not.
I will not lose.
But it's hard to stay cool
and not wanting to run away.

She is very important for me.
I will not lose.
But it's hard to stay cool
and not wanting to run away.
Cool to remain as to remain
to wait until it is over.

In the end, but everything well.
Just like in a fairy tale.
In a picture book.
I want to see the good again.
The feeling guilty about his
should disappear.
I do not want a dispute with her.
[Made by me]
27.1.09 19:30

It's my live.Fist in the air!

Voted most likely to end up
on the back of a milk box drink
Nobody understand it,
or nobody nows what i feel.
Ohh I'm worth more then they ask more then the
two-tag generation full of regret.

Representing you and me
Don't you wanna go down in history?
Rather then end up go to school.
Sitting under the stairs.nobody understand it.
Cause I'm worth more then this so stop writing prescriptions for my Ritalin.
I can't focus my attention.

Fist in the air I'm not going down without a fight
It's my life and I'm sitting on the sidelines watching
I gotta make my mark or I gotta run it hard
I want you to remember me
I'm leaving my fingerprints.
I can't give up and i can't give in.

[made by me]
26.1.09 16:16

Thinking of...

You look so innocent
But the guilt in your voice gives you away
Yeah, you know what I mean
So do not try to say you're sorry,
or try to make it right
because i now that it is not.
And do not waste your breath
because it's too late and you can not make it right again.
I know that the apology was not serious.
And you are not so thinking.that everything was a lie.
and you? you look innocent and are doing to pitying.
It's over and no longer in sinn.
But I think it's just damned shit.
All still talking to me on it,
although it does not know soll.
All should forget it.
A smiley on my cheek?
From yourself writtened.
Well, a smiley, more of a bowling ball.
You're doing as if nothing had happened?
you're nice and just a buddy?
Then I will not address all of it. it should stop.

[Made by me]

26.1.09 15:40

You're hot n cold! x/3

You change your mind,

like a girl changes clothes.

i Should know that you're not good for me.

Cause you're hot then you're cold.

You're yes then you're no.

You're wrong when it's right it's black an it's white.

You don't really wanna stay-no,

you do really wanna go-oh.

But you can not really decide-no.

someone call the doctor got a case of love bi-polar.

Stuck on a roller coaster can't get off this ride.

probably never more because it lasts so long.

You change you're mind like a girl changes clothes!


[made by me]

18.1.09 01:07

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